UR Teens


6:30 pm

Junior High

Our mission is to partner with parents to equip and inspire their students ages 11 - 8th grade to know the reality of God, the truth of the Bible, and their identity in Christ. We do this through worship, Bible teaching, small groups, service, and fun activities. By these things we support the church’s core value of Raising Godly Families and its vision of “with and for future generations.” Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged.

Senior High

We provide a parent-led youth ministry for our church high school youth ages 14-18. We strive to train up our future generation to be compassionate, have grace, be committed to God and His Word. We do this by creating opportunities for youth to be discipled and to live Godly lives and to be ministers to reach our community and the nations with the Gospel.

Special Events

Watch the weekly news for the dates and registration for these foundational events:

  • Junior High Winter Conference

  • Senior High Spring Conference

  • Summer High School Leadership Training (HSLT)

Christian Martial Arts

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Evergreen Bloomington, Gym. Have you ever been curious about how ‘martial arts’ can be Christian and biblically based? We train students in the physical, mental, and spiritual character traits to be successful in life and their walk with Christ. All ages 7 years old and older (adults included) are welcome.