Forms Library

Communications Forms

Bulletin & Flyers

Ready to promote your event? This form is for ministry leaders and pastors. You can request flyers or listings in the bulletins. Deadline is Tuesday at midnight.

Web Fixes

See something we should fix? Use this form to share your corrections. Please do not use this form for technical support.

App Notification

Request a push notification to be sent to The Urban's app. Note, the office oversees app notifications to ensure quality communication and responsible use.

Speaker Release

When guest speakers share a message, please complete this form. It gives us permission to share it online after the event.

Add a Group

Small group leaders: use this form to create a new small group. Note, you don't need to fill this out if your group is already established.

Professional Printing

Request something professionally printed (banners, signs, card, flyers, etc). Our staff designer will create this for you. Note, lead times vary based on the project.

Administrative Assistance

Use this form to get help with office-y stuff like making copies, preparing mailings, etc. Please don't use this form to ask for a flyer or announcement in the bulletin.

Classified Ads

Submit your ad for our online classifieds.


Financial Forms

All of our financial forms are PDF downloads. Print, complete the form, and send it to the church office at: Evergreen Church, ATTN: Finance Department, 2300 E. 88th Street, Bloomington, MN 55425

Expense Reimbursement

You'll need your receipt (under $1,000) and a signature from your ministry leader to get reimbursed for your ministry expenses.

Purchase Authorization

Buying a big ticket item? If it's over $1,000, you'll need to get prior approval from the ministry leader.

Request a Check

Pay a vendor with a check instead of going through the reimbursement process.

Funds Collected by a Ministry

If your ministry received funds, you'll need to complete this form to track the money.

Fundraising Approval

Want to raise money as a ministry? First, you'll need to complete this form to get approval.