2020 Launch Opportunities

There is much work to do to successfully launch The Urban Refuge as an autonomous church plant. Many functions that are today performed by the central office will need to be performed in-house and there are systems that need to be put in place before we’re ready.

We’ve organized tasks into seven working teams listed below with brief descriptions of what’s involved. Please prayerfully consider how your passions, talents, and abilities could help us move forward in this effort. Go HERE to volunteer for a team.

All volunteers will be contacted. However, please keep in mind we will have to balance needs based on the numbers of volunteers we get for each team and the background required to accomplish the work of the teams (e.g. you may not get your first choice of places to serve). If you have any questions, feel free to contact the project coordinator, Tim Dona, 612-916-3140 or any pastor.

Team Definitions:

Team #1. Administration: 

To ensure all ongoing back office non-finance/non-technology) functions (e.g., bulletins, announcements, etc.) are addressed in the stand-alone church. Bulk of work to be completed by October 31.

Team #2: Finance, Legal and Tax: 

To establish the non-profit entity with the IRS, obtain an employer ID number, ensure the church is in good standing as a non-profit, facilitate transfer of financial and property assets, develop approach for managing finance (controls, cash handling, banking, budget, etc.). Bulk of work to be completed by October 1. Accounting, finance, and legal backgrounds would be helpful.

Team #3: Technology: 

To ensure all technology needed by the new church is in place including: website/web hosting, app (e.g., ministry sign ups, UR app, children’s ministry), Back-office (e.g., Office 365), electronic/online giving functionality and other as needed. Bulk of work to be completed by October 31.

Team #4 Human Resources: 

To define HR policies and procedures not addressed by governance, such as, pay, benefits, HR manuals, etc. Some items will need to be in place by October 31 (e.g., salaries and benefits), while others (manuals, policies) may have longer lead time.

Team #5: Governance:

To establish the oversight approach for the new church, including all relevant policies and procedures; e,g. will there be a Board of Trustees, an elder board, something else? What role will this body play vs. pastors, etc.  This committee will start work now but it will likely take several months and into 2020.

Team #6: Marketing/branding: 

To develop an approach to marketing and branding the new church (e.g., look and feel of materials, letterhead, approach to reaching the community via marketing, etc.). Some October 31 deadlines for materials/logos, etc. ongoing for others.

Team #7: Strategic planning: 

To develop staffing plans to handle the existing workload as a church plant (e.g., full/part time resources to replace EC support), and develop a long term discipleship and vision strategy. Initial budget & staffing have a October deadlines while other items can be ongoing into 2020.