The Church on Trial

Special Guest Speaker

Sunday, July 28, 10:15 AM. How can we impact our world for Jesus Christ as the Church today? What will be our witness and legacy to emerging generations? Lead Pastor John Perkins, of Common Ground Church in West Jackson, MS, will be sharing about the Church's opportunity to holistically serve and transform our communities.

John P. Perkins Biography

John P. Perkins is the lead pastor of Common Ground Covenant Church. A multi-ethnic missional church in Jackson, MS. John developed his vision for Common Ground while serving as the President and CEO of the Spencer Perkins Center and John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation, a Christian non-profit that focused on youth and community development in the heart of West Jackson. “My heart bleeds for the fathers and families in our West Jackson community.” His commitment is to meet the “holistic’ needs of his neighbors in West Jackson, where John lives with his bride, Patrice of 12 years and 3 children, John- John(10), Sarah(8) and Johnathan(4). His family, whom John refers to as his “first flock,” work together in hopes of under-girding Common Ground’s mission of Christian Community Development.

Prior to his time in ministry John serviced as the Executive Chef/Conference Services Manager for Valley Food Services at Eagle Ridge Conference Center in Raymond, MS. It was there while feeding people’s needs that he felt a new calling. The message was conveyed through the Gospel of John. “Feed my sheep.” Jesus’ command to Peter moved John to not only meet people’s physical needs, but to meet their spiritual and emotional needs as well.

Pastor John’s heart for community and economic development has led Common Ground in efforts to blend church and community by engaging in partnerships with local business, schools, and churches in urban West Jackson. He recognized, while shepherding, that the most felt need for many of his congregation was jobs. This led to establishing Common Ground Enterprises, which currently has a catering business, lawn care service, and barbershop & beauty salon. John has recently developed, Common Ground Community Development Corporation, which will focus on education, work-force development, and housing. “We will continue finding and creating resources, so that Common Ground can continue to take the holistic Gospel message to the underserved people of urban West Jackson and the rest of the world” The vision for Common Ground CDC is to affect change in people’s hearts so they can create communities which reflect the Kingdom of God. As a representative of the next generation of Christian leaders, he is excited to further this work of Christian Community Development.

2020 Launch

There is much work to do to successfully launch The Urban Refuge as an autonomous church plant. Go HERE to to see and hear the information that was shared at church service on

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