Small Groups

Comprised of 10-20 peopel, the Urban Refuge Small Groups meet in members' homes during the week to participate in releveant biblical discussions.  With a focus on helping you grow in your relationship with God, there are a variety of groups from which you can choose.   Contact the office at 612-338-7226 with questions.

Current Group List

Pre-Marriage Class

Fit to Be Tied

Many couples never learn what makes a marriage successful before they get married.  That’s why the Urban Refuge offers the pre-marriage seminar, “Fit to Be Tied.”  (We also recommend this seminar to any couple married for 5 years or less that has had little or no pre-marriage training.)

The format for each meeting includes a message (often taught by a husband/wife team) followed by smaller group discussions.  Weekly projects are assigned for the couples to complete outside of the class.  Attendance at this seminar is required for couples who desire to get married by a Rock, Urban Refuge or Evergreen pastor. This seminar is held as needed. Contact one of the pastors if you would like to take this seminar.

UR Threads

For Young Singles and Young Couples

Sometimes churches can feel “family-centric,” which can make it difficult for singles and married couples without kids to find that connection with others. The Urban Refuge saw a need within this unique group and formed UR Threads, which is designed to give young adults a place to grow and connect together.

Through social events, service projects, spiritual discussions and worship, the group strives to live out Urban Refuge’s vision of doing justice, loving mercy and walking humbly with God. Check the announcements for news about current UR Threads' events.

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The Urban Refuge's Women’s Ministry exists to help women fulfill their potential in Christ. The Women’s Ministry sponsors events where women can interact with each other, grow in their faith and have fun. Check the announcements for news about current Women's Ministry events. 

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There is a tendency in our society for men to isolate themselves and become “rugged individualists.” At The Urban Refuge we believe that men need to establish strong, godly relationships with other men. Our Men’s Ministry provides guidance and support to help men grow spiritually and make a difference in our world.  Check the announcements for news about current Men's Ministry events. 

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